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Big Cartel


Self-taught artist who has worked professionally in illustration, graphic design, sign making, & graphic recording. Chicago native & father of two (now adult) sons, currently based in the Rogers Park neighborhood, & creating a variety of artworks, writings, sketchbook experiments, & lucid daydream meditation workouts. 

ˈsimpəl/ ˈhedē

"Simple Heady is what describes the style, approach & serves as a reminder to myself, when all my heady inspirations are simply too much of a not-enough, somewhere in between the everything-nothing, experiments to balance elements of nature & human struggles, reality-visions, idea-feelings, & a spaced-out down-to-Earthiness, which draws light from the spirit sun, my 2 sons, my love, friends & family, craft & creativity, hand made signage & album cover art, surrealism & psychedelia, comic books & graffiti art, creatures & weird plants, skateboards & trains, grit & grime, Chicago lakefront sunrises, where I grew up, & New Mexico mountain top starlight, where I grew some more, surrounded by the darkness, where the mystery origins sound & formulate, a spark, an image, something I can catch & put down on paper, something that connects or communicates, something like this run on sentence, & something you can just look at for a bit." 


Working for over 25 years in a variety of artistic endeavors,

& open to  collaborations & creative projects.


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